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First we will start looking for long-term projects that are specificly for the Happening. At the same time we are in search for the people who help us setting up and organizing the whole thing, we call them scouts.

Towards the end of the year we will open the call for more classic formats, as in: bands that need a stage-slot.
Even later we will start looking for volunteers that bartend, clean, sit the entrance or parking and so on.

Unfortunately and as already pointed out many times we cannot guarantee to support you financially. We are very sorry for this, but we are always hardly braking even with the event and that is if nobody gets paid (not us, not you, not the barman). Usually after the event (latest after 6 months) we see if we can pay traveling money and last time it worked out.
OF COURSE we will try our best to fund you, so the earlier we know about your plans and our line up the more likley is a surprise that will make us able to pay all of you appropriately.

So, we hope to get a kick-ass proposal from your side to find new partners in crime, as this is the whole point!

write an email to

long-term projects

From the 21.06.2018 until 25.09.2019 you can send us your fantastic long-term project ideas! Artists that need time and rehearsal to build up what they will do here, site specific, that might not fit in a stage slot and are more performative than simply musical. This is also projects that need to come here before the Happening in 2019 to prepare things. Like a bunch of short-time residencies with artists making something happen FOR this Happening. If you see the things you do fitting into that format, please send us a description of your project and a rough timetable of how it should be done. If you include a calculation you're a darling!
If you want to realize a project that is site specific to the HEADQUARTERS or the AVANTGARDE is HAPPENING 2019 please contact us a.s.a.p.
Introduce us to your ideas and we will find a way to make it happen!

become a scout

If you want to become a scout, that is a host of the Happening you will have to be available from beginnings of June 2019 and ideally spend time with us in our regular ACTION TIMES, where we will set up the infrastructure, try to invent recycling solutions, prepare the camp et cetera et cetera. Scouts are professional family - become part of the family. Scouts support each other. Scouts faciliate movements. Scouts mobilize ressources. Scouts produce radical moments. If you feel this, don't hesitate to contact us now!!!!

stage slot

If you are looking for a stage slot at the AVANTGARDE is HAPPENING the application slot will be 01.01.2019 until 02.02.2019


If you want to be a volunteer at the festival directley, please come back to us at the beginnings of April 2019.


No matter for what and who: you have to write an email to
We answer every email! If in doubt, check your spam! We belive in personal communication, safe-spaces, negotiation and the social sculpture.
that's also why:
WOW it's true: you can combine your applications and e.g. become a scout with a long term project or a band member that volunteers. It's a collective thing.