Avantgarde is Happening

we love you

looking forward to see you

we don't give a fuck, we care!


The AVANTGARDE is HAPPENING is a gathering of lovers of defiant art and culture that takes place at the HEADQUARTERS in the sleepy village Schiphorst, Northern Germany. The happening grew out of the internationally renown Avantgarde Festival and is focused on experimental music and performance art: 3 days of art and culture production with international guests with strong emphasis on collaboration and in close cooperation with local structures.


AGFspirit is the network agency, label and organizer. They work with the concept of Scouts that seek out artistic crossover and collaboration across the spectrum of all art. This way form and content grow organically under the motto: We will find a way to include you all.


AVANTGARDE is HAPPENING is a collective thing. So we try to make the financial part as transperant and democratic as possible. This year we will introduce you to the necessary infrastructural things. You will be able to fund our Composttoilet or the trash container directley! We will also sell out at a fleamarket. We want to spread the costs of the event in fair way. The goal of the Krautfunding Action is collectively make sure that the infrastructure needed is attending and that a bunch of free range scouts are found.

everything is sculpture

AVANTGARDE is HAPPENING: it's a collective thing.

social sculpture.